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2019 Year-End Planning Guide

Give yourself more time to find opportunities

Download the Guide (pdf)


Let’s fine-tune your year-end plan

The last quarter of the year is an important time to review and refine your tax strategy and take advantage of potential opportunities. Our annual guide is now available to provide an overview of current tax issues and key deadlines that may impact you.

You’ll get timely insight on strategies to help with:

  • Accelerating or deferring income and expenses
  • Annual planning obligations
  • Charitable giving
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Potential deductions for qualifying business owners, including real estate investors

Our guide also includes a convenient checklist (pdf) to help you track key year-end dates and deadlines.

Here is an example of what you’ll find:


File your federal tax return by October 15 if you previously filed for an extension (for corporate tax return, individual, or federal gift tax [Form 709]).


If you are selling assets for tax-loss harvesting purposes but want to maintain exposure, make sure your position is in place by November 29.


Complete all personal and charitable gifts by December 31.

Next steps

Download your guide and connect with your relationship manager to discuss how to maximize year-end planning opportunities.

Download the Guide (pdf)