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A helpful college planning resource for students and parents.

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Mr. Fellows videos

Watch as Mr. Fellows helps you
through your financial aid journey.

Complete the FAFSA

Our first recommended step in your financial aid journey is to complete the FAFSA. Watch this video to learn how to access the correct forms and complete your application.

Estimate your total college costs

Estimate the costs of college by using the Net Price Calculator on the college’s or the university’s website.

Determine if you need additional funding

Review all of your award letters from the schools you’re considering so you can really determine what your actual college costs will look like.

Explore additional
college financing options

Plan to cover additional expenses: Some schools have tuition payment plans, which allow students to pay in installments.

Know your college
financial aid deadlines

Keep track of important student loan deadlines with our financial aid calendar.

College —
time to build
good credit

spending and
saving at college

One way to establish
solid credit

Your credit history can impact everything from renting an apartment, setting up utilities, to getting a job...

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Credit history — your
financial magic 8-ball

You may start receiving credit card offers when you’re at college. These years can be a good time to practice responsible...

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Repay a friend, or get money
from Mom or Dad, straight from your smartphone with
Wells Fargo SurePaySM.

Text Banking — free1, secure, and perfect
for your on-the-go life at college.

1 Your mobile carrier’s text messaging and web access charges may apply.

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